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01 October, 2023

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About Merry christmas

About Merry Christmas Radio

Relive the greatest Christmas classics to today's Christmas music with Merry christmas radio. Listen and immerse yourself in the world of Christmas with 24/7 programming. Listen to our radio for free on all available web radio platforms without delay and live the Christmas moment without delay and without interruption.

5000+ Musics

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Experience the magic of Christmas without interruption

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The latest music that has been played on our radio is displayed here with its cover. Relive a magical moment of Christmas in music and record the name of your favorite music that has recently played.


Discover all the major events related to the Christmas spirit of the year from our radio station. Christmas markets, gatherings and festivities are some of the most popular cities are listed below. Get involved and rediscover the magic of Christmas with events presented by Merry Christmas radio.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Event

Winter Wonderland

From late November 2023 to early January, discover Winter Wonderland and its many advantages: activities but also food are available in this Christmas market, one of the largest Christmas markets in London.

Christmas Radio Hyde Park
Christmas By The River Christmas Event

Christmas By The River

Also in London, at London Bridge City, the Christmas By The River Christmas Market attracts many fans every year, with many original presentations and delicious snacks.

Christmas Radio London Bridge City
Leicester Square Christmas Event

Leicester Square Christmas

The Leicester Square Christmas Market offers you a festive and fun experience. Browse more than 25 stalls in the traditional market, with burlesque shows.

Christmas Radio Leicester Square
Greenwich Christmas Event

Greenwich Christmas

Browse the Greenwich Christmas market with many fashion items, crafts and many original artworks. With festive goodies and lots of lights, choose your favorite food.

Christmas Radio Greenwich
Winterville Clapham Common Christmas Event

Winterville Clapham Common

Browse an enchanted forest cinema, with an indoor market. Food, craft beers and cocktails and food trucks will be at your disposal.

Christmas Radio Winterville
Kingston Christmas Event

Kingston Christmas

Go to the Christmas market in Kingston Town, London. Throughout your journey, you can stroll through the traditional wooden huts where you can discover a treasure trove of unique and handmade objects, ideal for storing fillers and unusual gifts.

Christmas Radio Kingston Town, London
Tallaght Santa Experience Christmas Event

Tallaght – Santa Experience

Visit Santa Claus at Santa Claus' Experience in Tallaght, Dublin, which offered children and adults a magical journey to Santa Claus' House 2023.

Christmas Radio Tallaght, Dublin
CHILL At The Queen Mary Christmas Event

CHILL At The Queen Mary

Enjoy a pleasant holiday at CHILL at The Queen Mary! The 38,000 square foot park includes ice skating, bumper boats, a zip line, a shuffleboard, ice tubes and much more. Open every day until January 7, 2018. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, there are special hours.

Christmas Radio Queen Mary, Long Beach
Dryffryn Gardens Christmas Event

Dyffryn Gardens

It will be fun and entertaining with the Dyffryn elves and don't forget to put on your best Christmas costumes. There will be festive food, festive games and you will have time to write your letter to Santa Claus.

Christmas Radio Dyffryn
Cardiff's Winter WonderLand Christmas Event

Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

The Alpine Village, the fair and the ice rink are back as of Thursday, November 15.

Christmas Radio Cardiff
Kingdom of the Elves Christmas Event

Kingdom of the Elves

Of course, your toddlers have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus and all his elves, but there are many other things to do, including parades, wreaths, lanterns and a Christmas cooking workshop. There are also theme dinners and breakfast shows, and this year's pantomime will be Snow White.

Christmas Radio Bluestone
Santa's Toy Mine Christmas Event

Santa's Toy Mine

Every child who visits Santa's toy mine will not only be guided on a magical journey, but will find himself face-to-face with the great man himself and receive a special gift to take home. At Santa's Toy Mine, which is suitable for all ages, there will be magical surprises on every street corner. Activities include a teddy bear making workshop and the opportunity to take pictures with Santa Claus. There will also be night visits, until 8pm, to Santa's toy mine.

Christmas Radio Rhondda Heritage Park

Your opinions on our radio station

Your opinion is important to us and our radio station Merry Christmas, which broadcasts on the Internet and on all available platforms where you can listen to a free panel of stations. We invite you to send us your opinion on the music we play on our station from the contact page, we will be happy to post them. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Event Shows

Christmas event shows are always good times to enjoy, such as the magic of Christmas and its beauty. People must at least go once to feel this magic through many fabulous and brilliant event shows that we offer on our radio.

Still not convinced by our station?

We understand that it is not easy to admit that we offer the best music and Christmas moments for free on our radio station. We are the first radio station in the world to revisit the magic of Christmas every year. Try to live the experience by clicking to the play button.

Event Price

Discover some christmas events and go through by buying your ticket right here. Enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas on our radio station and on affordable private events.

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Christmas Celebration



Radio City Christmas


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About Merry Christmas radio station

This radio was created by people who appreciate the Christmas look and feel. For you and all Christmas lovers, we have decided to share a listening session with you to allow you to experience the magic of the Christmas spirit in music with our Christmas radio.

What is "Merry Christmas" ?

Merry Christmas is much more of a phrase for wishing Christmas than that. It is also a radio station that has been created on this universe of the beauty of Christmas, its assets and a musical universe that belongs to it. Thus, you can enjoy more than 1,000 hours of different music with classics but also new Christmas music. We update our programming very often and we recommend that you listen to our radio station if you are a Christmas fan. Do not hesitate any more.

We have been offering the best quality music possible without interruption for several years now, and we intend to continue in these directions for a long time to come.

Why listen to us ?

That's a very good question. Do you like the magic of Christmas and that feeling of creativity, festive spirit and joy, giving gifts or just telling the Christmas story? So adding atmosphere with a radio created by Christmas fans is a choice you may want to try.

Whether at home or in the car, you can listen to us on several platforms and enjoy this Christmas in music.

  • Return to the Christmas atmosphere
  • Discover new music
  • Enjoy the moment

How can I listen to you?

You can listen to us from all existing platforms containing the web radio panel. Whether it is on our site directly (where you can listen to us from your computer, tablet, telephone and even television, as our site is compatible with all devices) or with other applications offering a wide choice of different radios, you can choose us and fall into the Christmas mood right now.

We are on many directories like TuneIn, and many more.

Some people enjoying Christmas

Christmas family with gifts
Christmas woman
Another christmas woman with gifts

Why make this radio ?

Our team is made up of Christmas enthusiasts, the spirit that comes with it and much more. We are tired of listening to playlists or old Christmas radios that are not up to date or have too low a quality sound. That's why we wanted to create Merry Christmas Station. Today, we are very proud of our choice and our project, we intend to continue like this and we are waiting for you.

Why does the sound seem so realistic ?

When we developed our radio station, we bought the necessary equipment to bring an extra touch to the music: a sound processing. Thus, thanks to these techniques, listeners can enjoy a clear, realistic sound that brings you closer to the spirit of Christmas and its magic.

So why wait to listen to us?

Our Group Of Radios

You can listen to us from all existing platforms containing the web radio panel. Whether it is on our site directly (where you can listen to us from your computer, tablet, telephone and even television, as our site is compatible with all devices) or with other applications offering a wide choice of different radios, you can choose us and fall into the Christmas mood right now.

We are on many directories like TuneIn, and many more.

Some people enjoying the french song

Top Tonic France Double XX Electro Choc

Contact us

You can contact the Merry Christmas radio station support by using this contact form below. Responses are usually delivered two weeks after the sending, due to too many messages.

Whether you want to thank us for our radio station, make a suggestion or have a problem, feel free to contact us. We answer all messages.

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